Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Gifts!

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Here is what I am working on now. Actually, I have this one finished. I got the idea from my Mom, actually, when we discovered that we both were writing down our favorite scripture verses on 3x5 cards. The only difference was that I had embellished my cards with pretty stamps, and hers were on colored cards. She suggested that I make her some pretty ones for Christmas. What a great idea! I decided to make a set for each of my closest female relatives (the grown up ones especially).

Here are some more pics, and if you know my relatives, don't give out my surprise gift ideas to them!

As you can see, I've made a folder out of cardstock. Although I don't show a picture, I'm really pleased with the pocket and how that came out. I cut one inch strips of cardstock, and scored it every quarter inch, alternating folds. This resulted in a good side for my pocket. I cut the strips into appropriate lengths for the sides and bottom of the pocket, mitering the ends so they would not hinder movement. Clear as mud, right? Suffice it to say, it works great!

I started the packet out with three of my favorite verses that encourage me. I don't want the recipient to be afraid to write on these cards.

I tried to make the stamped images different, but color-coordinated.

Here are some of the blank cards. I think there are over 20.

And a close-up of the key. My camera battery gave out at this point, so I don't have a close-up of the lock. I am using whatever supplies I have on hand, and I know I am amply supplied, and have no fear of not finding something to add to my gifts. My hubby has been so supportive of my habit, uh, art and creativity, allowing me to buy a fix, uh, I mean supplies for my creative endeavors. Seriously though, it's such a blessing to have supportive family. I am so enjoying creating gifts this year!