Saturday, July 17, 2010

Donna Downey

Here I am with Donna Downey! She is absolutely amazing!

Here's my favorite page out of the sample album Donna passed around. I got pics of every page, but I'm not sure she wants those shared around unless you get them from her site or at her class. She was so sweet! She said we could take pics of anything at all, and could even touch her hubby's hair! This was funny since she'd said there was a guy at the Atlanta Gift Show who told Bill, "I really like your hair!" Bill said that was kinda weird.

This is the only pic I got with Bill in it, and it's out of focus! Yikes!

Here's some goodies just waiting for me to play!

I'm working on completing the album today. Of course, I may not actually finish it today, but I'm working on it!