Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Gift

I finally finished my gift for my dear friend. We have been friends for half of our lives, and have shared so much. I made her a special gift for her 40th birthday. She made an AWESOME purse for me for my birthday, and I get compliments on it all the time. She said after she made it for me that she was tempted to keep it herself since it turned out so amazingly cute! Plus she had not done a zipper in a bag of this sort before (she made the pattern up!), so it was an adventure to figure that part out.

Anyway, now I'll have to post a pic of the purse for ya! I love it.

But I digress. This is supposed to be about the stuff I make and the stuff that inspires me. I've been working on her gift for over a month. I'm super slow, but it's alright, there is no wrong or right way to be creative. My friend who will recieve this gift is super speedy, and I admire that about her so much. We inspire each other. I think we need to get together just to create again. It's been way too long.

Digressing again.

Sooooo, this gift was fun to make, and I'll post pics of it later. Right now I'm showing pics of the Package. I love creative packaging, don't you? This is the first time I actually put wrapping paper in my sewing machine though. My friend loves the zig zag stitch, so that's what I did on the outside of this package. Then I just went crazy with stuff on the outside, layering and sewing. I love it. It's a good representation of what will be found inside.

Then I decided to add a note to it. There was a pocket in the back of the package (it was inadvertantly made, btw), so I got to making a cute little missive to tuck in there.




I hope she likes it all!
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Scrappy Withdrawels

I've been running around with my popular girls. I've not scrapped in a week. I started this blog to post stuff I make, but, well, I've not been able to get into my Happy Place to create!

I had a little time yesterday, but you can imagine that much has gone unattended due to the high level of activity around here, and I spent my time catching up on other things. I had neglected a pile of mail for a couple of months. Yeah, a couple of months. I'm talking bills 'n' such. It's okay though, since we are going through the ugly process of bankruptcy. I just didn't know what to do with those bills, so they have been piling up on our butler's pantry. I got to pass them multiple times daily, and be reminded. . .

This didn't seem healthy, and though the rest of the house needed tidying attention, I decided to tackle that pile. The thing about bookkeeping time is that though an hour or more is required, the effect isn't extremely obvious when you are done. I mean, if you spend time straightening a room, dusting, vacuuming, putting out different bits of decorations, things like that, your hour shows something when you are done. Not so with bookwork. I think that's why it's discouraging to me to take the time to work with such unpleasant and unfulfilling tasks as bookkeeping.

Still, the pile on that counter was QUITE a PILE! And so the effect was obvious once I was done. I took all the pertinent bankruptcy-related items (which was like, half the pile!), and added them to our stack of other paperwork on the same subject. Apparently, lots of people are filing, and our lawyer is somewhat swamped, so our original paperwork we filled out and gave to them is just waiting in line. It took us a month to fill out the original form, since it was around 100 pages. Good gravy! No one said filing bankruptcy is an easy out! Not by a long shot!

Anywhoo, there's a big weekend happening this weekend, and usually I tag Saturday as my scrappy day. In fact, one of the things I'm working on is a set of books for a group of girls who are gathering this weekend, and I had hoped to get them done through the week, but, alas, my time has been brief! The other book I'm working on should have been done before April 16th (this represents the birthdate of the recipient of the album). Still, it sits there, surrounded by all the goodies I intend to use, waiting, waiting. . .

Oh I've started these projects! They are all nearly done.

I just need some time and energy. Sometimes I have the time but not the creative energy. Other times I have ideas, and no time. Right now, I'm a little shy on both! And today promises to be no less crammed with activity than the earlier portion of the week. In fact, I must sign off and get with it right now.

Here's to hoping for a scrappy few hours at SOME point soon!