Monday, August 23, 2010

Tim Holtz


I made a mini-rolodex of stamps featuring Tim Holtz! I love his creative style, and look forward to eventually getting a copy of his book "A Compendium of Curiosities."
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Artist's Way

There is a book by Julia Cameron I've recently heard about. My friend said it's like a twelve step course for artists. It's a course in discovering and recovering your creative self. In the book, the artist is encouraged to free-journal 3 pages every day. She says not to read back over what you've written for at least 7 months.

Hmm. That would totally be a challenge. Not to read back over what you write? Really? Well, since I can totally relate to some artist buddies' skitzy mental ADD attitude sometimes, I think if they are lovin' the 3 page journalling, I probably would as well. I've not committed to such a thing before.

I should probably just get the book. I'm into creativity.