Thursday, October 14, 2010

Addys for Class Instructions

Hello, fellow scrappers! This weekend I'm teaching 4 (maybe 5) classes in a Mini Scrappy Retreat right here in town. I'm super excited about it, and have been putting kits together all week. We will be doing 2 Scrappy Layouts, an Exploding Box (like the one I made for Kath's birthday), and a mini book with hand-stitched pages. I pondered over how to send the unused kits home with the guests who opt. to spend their time crafting on their own projects instead of following along with the classes. Plus there is one guest who will only be staying one day instead of both days, and I wanted her to have the benefits of taking the kits home that we'll do the day she's not there. But how will she know what to do with the materials if I'm not there to tell her?

Bing! Dawn's the light! I found instructions on-line! All my friends who will do these projects with me can just refresh their memories on how to do these projects by copying and pasting a link right here in my own little blog. The instructions for the mini book are actually the original ones that I saw and altered for my own style. So glad to have found it again!

So here goes:

Here's the addy to the exploding box:

And the video instructions for the mini book:"

So for those of you who did NOT get to join us (sad face here!), you can see a couple of things we did this weekend.